Graduate student positions in neuroscience/neuroengineering – Université Laval

The laboratory of Dr. Christian Ethier is currently seeking highly motivated individuals to pursue research at the intersection of neuroscience and engineering.
A graduate student position is available for a research project aimed at evaluating the potential of neuroelectronic interfaces for therapeutic purposes. The projects will involve experiments in behaving rats, to identify effective neuroprosthetic approaches to guide neural plasticity and promote therapeutic effects after neurological lesions.
Applicants from diverse scientific background will be considered, including engineering, biology and neurosciences. Priority will be given to students with knowledge about or skills with:
– Systems neuroscience
– Motor system (cortical and spinal function and anatomy)
– Matlab, C/C++
– Neural plasticity
– Rodent behavioral tests
– Biomedical engineering
– Chronic Implants
– Electrical or optical stimulation
Contact information:
Please address any queries or applications, including a letter of motivation and résumé, to
Posting end date: August 15, 2016